Mand (LG) God of Sun


The Light, The Way, The Protector


Domains: Law, Sun, War


Mand is an older deity who believes in an objective notion of good and law.  With his long sword, he teaches that order and should always be upheld and evil vanquished.  Mand is the most powerful of the Overworld Deities and is popular among commoners, good nobles, and the young. He is an optimistic and stubborn deity who watches over new ventures of worthy causes and threatens undead with positive energy.  Many Paladins worship or respect Mand because of his unwavering will to do good.


Mand is often shown as a middle-aged man in shining full plate.  His shield and his +3 holy cold iron long sword, the Sunburst, are always with him.


Temples: Temples of Mand are usually bright and adorned with gold and silver.  Whenever possible, they have skylights and very tall ceilings.  Their alters face east, often towards a large ornate window.  At night time, the Keeper of the Light makes sure there is always a light in his temples.  Usually a candle, torch, or lamp is always lit.  A lamp by the entrance at night welcomes weary travelers to come out of the night’s darkness for rest.


Daily Life and Ceremonies: Clerics and worshippers perform daily prayers and a small ritual involving a candle at or near sunrise.  Funerals are optimistic ceremonies that look to the future, finding the silver lining in every cloud.  Obligatory ceremonies are performed in the morning of each of the equinoxes, and festivals are held at the temples to celebrate the Welcoming of the New Child.  The temples are often wealthy and not frugal.  The Clerics’ vestments are a mixture of yellows and whites, with gold and silver adornments.


Prayers and Beliefs: Typical prayers involve knowing ‘the path to Light’ and ‘seeing the Light,’ which are metaphors to describe staying in Mand’s favor.  They are always to teach and aid the underprivileged, keep hope, foster new ideas, look to birth and growth, and to always further the prosperity of humankind and its allies.  Death and undeath are disgusting.  This is the best religion because Mand protects his followers and makes life better.


Relationships: Mand has a history of being creative and innovate.  He opposes evil, destruction, and death and favors nature, art, beauty, and invention.  He is not opposed to Mora or Sayrn, however, because they, too, dislike undead, so Mand is neutral towards them.




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