The gods in the Polis Pantheon are all rank 6 or higher.  Creatures that have divine rank 0-5 are technically deities, but have no power in the pantheon.  They are more god-like than actual gods.  The most powerful dragons, for example (such as Bahamut and Tiamat), are rank 0-5.  There are also powerful NPCs who have gained god-like powers and divine rank.


Therefore, this is not an exhaustive list of deities, but merely the ones with... deific political power.




The Polis Pantheon




Mand (LG) God of Sun

Domains: Law, Sun, War


Mora (N) God of Death

Domains: Death, Animal, Plant


Sayrn (LN) God of the Passage from Life to Death

Domains: Law, Death, Protection


Cayo (LE) God of Moon

Domains: Law, Destruction, Death


Caya (LG) God of New Moon

Domains: Healing, Knowledge, Protection, (Luck?)




Siobhan (NG)

Domains: Animal, Plant, (Good/Healing?)


Vern (NG) God of Spring

Domains: Protection, Travel, Trickery


Veran (CG) God of Summer

Domains: Chaos, Strength, Animal (?)


Muta (N) God of Fall

Domains: Plant, Protection, Travel


Hiber (LN) God of Winter

Domains: Law, Protection, Destruction




Serkali (LN) God of Dwarves

Domains: Law, Protection, Earth


Loruna Atae (NG) God of Elves

Domains: Magic, Protection, Travel, (Knowledge?)


Fingle Fin (CG) God of Gnomes

Domains: Water, Protection, Chaos


Graar (CN) God of Half-Orcs

Domains: Fire, Strength, War


Luthian (NG) God of Halflings

Domains: Air, Trickery, Luck




Shena (N) God of Wind

Domains: Air, Travel, Strength


Mara (NE) God of Water, Ocean

Domains: Water, Evil, Strength


Rynash (CE) God of Fire

Domains: Evil, Chaos, Fire


Mirthaliel (CN) God of Spirit

Domains Chaos, Magic, Knowledge


Ganrok (LE) God of Earth

Domains: Law, Earth, Plant




Noricon (NG) God of Potency

Domains: Magic, Knowledge, Good, Luck


--Dark Triplets

Warusklor (NE) God of Death, Destruction

Domains: Death, Evil, War, (Strength?)


Seyled (CE) God of Deceit

Domains: Evil, Chaos, Trickery


Torrilach (LE) God of Death Magicks

Domains: Law, Magic, Evil, (Knowledge?)


Mand and Mora are each allied with Noricon, but are only acquaintances with each other.  Mora is opposed to Warusklor.  Warusklor, Seyled, and Torrilach are a sort of Evil Triad; Mand, Caya, and Vern make a sort of Good Triad, although there are other ideas of three.  Courage, Strength, and Wisdom are from the Zelda stories.  Mind, Body, and Spirit are the ideas.  With the races, Serkali and Graar represent the Body idea; Fingle Fin and Luthian represent the Mind; and Loruna Atae represents the Spirit/Potency aspect.


Physical Strength -- Corporeal -- Str, Con -- Earth, Fire

Connection to the World -- Ethereal -- Int, Cha -- Wind, Water

Soul and Self -- Astral -- Dex, Wis -- Spirit


Possibility of Other Gods?


The ones listed are the twenty-four main gods.  Bigger and more important honchos.  There are other gods -- god of merchants (Bayra), god of time (Tempi), god of fate (Dunin), god of jesters (Mira) -- but they're either 0-5 or 20+.



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