Welcome to Polis.  My neato D&D campaign setting.  It’s completely original, although I did get inspirations from a wide variety of sources.  The world itself is mine, but it is a campaign setting.  Feel free to use it.  Or not.


What separates a lesser deity from a greater deity?  First, the number of followers.  Thusly, the twenty-four most followed gods make…


The Polis Pantheon



Well, everyone has to live someplace.  Floating around space just wouldn’t do.


Polis, the City-World



Where did this place come from you ask?



H1 is the country of Fulor, led by Todsen.  H2 is Fanor, led by brother Tanser.  Quite a while ago, they were one country called Boirith; however, Boirith became very divided in terms of ideology and a schism ensued.  Since then, there have been minor skirmishes between Fulor and Fanor, but this is out of spite.  Blah, blah, blah.  Anyway, H3 is Albos, led by Tiberion; in the middle is the land of the Elves… it’s just referred to as the Great Forest, but it’s not a formal country name.  The Elves are only loosely united, anyway.  They’re technically led by Loelline, though.  D1 is Kalormir, led by Meesgar… the country looks pretty big on this map, but it’s kind of deceiving because you can’t see the topical map.  There’s a moderately thin, but really high, mountain range that divides the Kalormir territory.  And it’s covered in the Glaciers of Frozen Time.  Well, a lot of it.  Anyway, the people of Kalormir have a relatively small amount of usable space.  D2 is Enengold, led by Bothald.  Their nation is almost completely covered in mountain, but they’re Dwarves.  They like that stuff.  Not too much to say about them, geographically.  The Dwaves of Enengold are friendlier than the ones in Kalormir, though.


Oh, in case you haven’t figured it out already – the D stands for ‘Dwarven’ and the H stands for ‘Human’.  Although H3 is kind of a melting pot of races.  At least, more so than the other countries.


I’d show you more about the world… I have a topical map, I have close-ups of every country, I have pictures of some important sites… but I have neither the scanner nor the web space to show this to you.


Oh, the place marked “Great Temple of Savras” is something that’s specific to my game.  It’s actually not Savras, either, since he’s not a god in my Pantheon.  This was an island that was raised, temporarily, with an epic-level contingency spell.  Page 85 from the Epic Level Handbook.


More notes on the world?

Coming soon.


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