History of Polis:


Let’s start with a Typical Bad Guy.  Oftentimes a good place to start, I think.


Meroth want to take over the world.  For whatever reason.  Maybe he’s angry at his pet turtle.  But anyway, this is obviously a task of large proportions – Meroth can’t do this by himself.  So he asks for the help of an evil god, Notan.  Notan agrees to help, but he has his own agenda.  Meroth doesn’t realize this because a) he’s low WIS and 2) he’s just happy for the help.  Notan gives a spell to Meroth that will make Meroth amazingly powerful.


The spell has side-effects, though.  How the spell works is that it takes energy from the world, destroying it, and giving the energy to the caster.  This would make Meroth very powerful and able to rule the world, albeit a very different world than Meroth imagined.  Meroth doesn’t know any of this, though.  He just knows that the spell is Casting Time: 2 months.  That’s  quite a while.  That’s what we call a ‘mitigating factor’.  There’s also an XP hit and some other stuff, but that’s beside the point.


This is obviously a powerful spell, so when it starts being cast the other gods are like, “… What, what’s happening?  I can feel something powerful being cast.”  So they talk to each other, “Hm.  Okay, this is a powerful spell.  It’d be nice to be able to come up with an equally powerful spell to stop it, trying to dispel it, but such a spell would have about the same casting time and it’d be too late.  Since this evil one has started already.  And we’d have to spend a lot of time researching it.  Notan had obviously been working on this spell for a long time.”  Their solution?  They work together and research a much less powerful spell.  Still powerful, but not on the same level.  Casting Time: 8 hours.  They give this spell to one of the more powerful wizards in the world, Cerserdan, and say, “Okay, you need to get this spell cast multiple times in various places to protect those places.”  The spell effectively puts a protective bubble of demi-plane around an area.  It just creates a thin layer of demi-plane around whatever you want, protecting it from just about everything, including Meroth’s spell.  In theory.  The spell is much less powerful than Meroth’s, so it’s hard to judge how well it’ll work.  Cerserdan makes copies of the spell and passes it out to wizard buddies so they can cast the spell over more places – large cities, holy areas, etc.  The spell even gets into the hands of some evil wizards who want to protect their own turf.


So Meroth’s spell goes off and destroys the world.  Energy gets sucked, toppling mountains, breaking the earth into huge fissures, throwing the weather way off whack, and other painful things.  The bubble areas, however, instead of being ripped apart are stretched, forever changing their landscapes.  They become different worlds.  New planes broken from the Material Plane.  These new worlds have lost their histories and have new ones created.  The Material Plane now has smaller material planes broken off from it.  The Material Plane still exists, but it’s in ruins.  It’s now a pretty dismal place.  It’s possible to cross outside the demiplane bubble, but difficult since the new worlds are stretched versions of the old Material Plane.




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