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A must for clarinet enthusiasts galore


Used to be www.sneezy.org, but I don’t know if that links works anymore.  I just like ‘sneezy’ better.


A group I wish to join in the future.  After many more musical works.



My clarinet:

I used to have a YCL-34, which was a beautiful sounding instrument.  Got stolen, so I got a replacement.  The upgraded YCL-CV.  Now, I just need a mouthpiece…. If anyone wants to send me a Fobes, that’d be cool!


My drum set:

Now, I guess I don’t own my own… and I’ve never owned my own… but in Dallas, I have access to one.  Pretty standard kit.  22x16 bass, I think a 6x14 snare, two toms 12x8, 12x10, 16x16 floor tom.  Nothing too exciting.  The cymbals aren’t too exciting either, but it is nice having a small variety.  The 14” hat, 16” crash, 18” crash/ride, and a 20” ride.  I tend to prefer the thin, faster cymbals, though.  Although they don’t have as long a life-span.  I do have a few toys, though… the tambourine and cowbell are relatively new.  Other than that, I’d want a double-chain double-pedal for the bass and a foot-pedal braced jam block (also double-chain), and I’d have my ideal set.  Oh, a cup holder would be nice too.


I also recently got an electronic drum set.  It’s nothing special, but it’s mine.  And it plays pretty high quality midi.


A good source of Jazz stuff in Houston:



Also, here’s a list of groups/people I was told to include on my site:


Juan Luis Guerra

Carlos Vives

Carlos Baute (because he’s Venezuelan)


Incidentally, the person who told me to include those guys wants to start…

Ana’s Guide to Awesome Latin-Pop Music.

I’ll put a link here when she actually starts it… here’s the preliminary thing.





More links to throw at you:


… Yeah



Where I got my clarinet for a great price



I also want to join…