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Iím into art too.Iím a pretty decent artist, but Iíve picked it up again recently because I have a friend who might want me to draw an anime-movie for him.And he likes this http://kitsune.lzrd.net/ style.Thatís a friend of his, actually.Itís not bad, but I think I can improve on it with some time.


EDIT: Wait!Sheís gone!Sheís still around, somewhere, thoughÖ



Anyway, I have to plug another friend of mine, who has some very good work.Send her comments!http://www.kellysnarr.com/


Yeah, Iím almost done.One more artist I have to talk about.http://www.avalonhigh.com/art/fanart/negativezero.htmlI donít know who this person is, but this negativeZero person can draw.I wish I could do this.All of this stuff years old, but I have no clue where any more stuff would be.All I have is this small dated archive of fan artÖ




More links to throw at you:


Eh, none yet.Iíll probably come back with some Rembrandt or da Vinci or something.Iíve learned a lot about Gauguin recently, so that might be up here with some Van Gogh.